Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall in the Air?

The calendar says Fall is here, but it's still 90 degrees or so in the afternoon. Since it was in the 100's with a heat index somewhere you wouldn't believe, I guess it has cooled. We came to Texas for the job, but getting away from winter was the big reason. A couple of below zero days and few above freezing will do that to you. And we were told winters in the Midwest were mild ( -: Now we shut the air conditioning down at night and enjoy about 4 hours of "window weather" every morning. I hear it's almost too cool for that already up north. My mother has lived in South Florida for a long time and relishes the too few days they have to enjoy "window weather". I find it odd that the things that can bring us the most joy are often blissfully ignored. I can't prove "Global Warming", but I do know there has been a climate shift of some sorts. Point being, is that we endured a summer in Missouri that felt like the Gobi or Saharan desert. Then about a month's worth of 100 degree days here. So I am enjoying the "window weather"; especially in the gloaming as I commune with nature. Could that have been a chill I felt this morning?

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