Monday, October 3, 2011

Smoking on Company Time

Since we're parked right by the gate and sit here waiting for some action, I thought smoking some meat would help pass the time. Missy volunteered to go spend some of our first full check on groceries and some meat for the smoker. She brought home a small brisket, a rack of ribs and some chicken breasts. We marinated everything all night long and fired up the smoker and our grill around four in the morning.
I like to sear the brisket and ribs on the small grill first. I then like to wrap the brisket and ribs in foil and put them on the smoker. The chicken gets the grill treatment last. After carefully nurturing the smoker temperature for about 4 hours (275-300 degrees), I checked on everything and added wet hickory chunks to the fire. I then added the resting chicken and smoked eveything for 2-3 more hours. We added a side dish of taters and beans-man oh man was it good. We've made some good friends sharing our cooking!

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