Sunday, October 23, 2011


A gauge of sanity is often measured by your grasp of reality. These days I wonder if the commonly accepted version of reality is so sacrosanct. I've often wondered just what party politically I belong to just because of that. I think abortion is wrong in principal (let's not split hairs here dear readers); but, when necessary it can be a life saver and should be allowed. I think you should enjoy the fruits of your labor without being burdened by draconian taxation. However; I don't think that the people who make the business tick should make 50-100 times less than their CEO. I think our founders had some brilliant ideas. I also think that very few of them ever envisioned this country spreading past the Mississippi. (My hero, Thomas Jefferson being one of the few.) How else can you explain a House of Representatives filled based on population. You don't really think 400 plus people can agree on anything do you? And don't even get me started on the electoral college. Those same wise founders also protected their ideas by requiring that a super majority approve any constitutional changes. Amongst other things that's laughable about all these presidential candidates is that they really believe they're going to be able to fulfill the promises they make. Our Congress can't even agree to disagree and you really think he's going to get his agenda accomplished? How realistic is that; or that the electorate believes it? Where's the realists when we need them? Small wonder we're disenchanted out here. I hate intrusion on our business or personal lives. However, I don't think any business should be able to say they either lost or made money depending on whether you account for something or don't. Talk about blurred reality-read Southwest Airlines last quarterly report. Coincidentally, some government spokesman said we'll never be able to account for over 60 million dollars lost to bribes and who knows what in Afghanistan. This when our nation is in the throes of a recession (depression in my book). Another government spokesperson had the audacity to suggest that Pakistan might not be our ally after all. Forget reality; what the hell has he been smoking? Finally, I KNOW there are a lot of people struggling in our great country. When a President is ignorant enough to suggest that the American people are resilient and can adapt to higher gas prices, I respectfully suggest he hasn't spent $70.00 filling an SUV (over $50 for my Hyundai). Food prices are soaring, medical care and medicine are out of reach for a lot of us and wages (much less the lack of jobs) are stagnant or trending downward. Very few of us are making over $100 a day and we can look for the government to take a bite out of that. Finally, am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy of supporting a disorganized rabble to oust a dictator they're tired of? Then televising his beating and subsequent demise? And we really think they can run a country? Is that what a civilized country does? That's my reality. Nuff said!

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