Monday, November 21, 2011

Air Conditioning Again

Our rear basement heat pump went out in late 2009. The repairman said it was a bad compressor. Finances and finding someone to repair it took till summer 2011. The repairman in 2009 missed a leak in the tubing which was repaired then. After servicing the unit it ran for about two hours before it started blowing the circuit breaker. The repairman returned and diagnosed it as a compressor failure. Estimates to repair it were costly, to say the least. I then started researching where to find a compressor for a reasonable price. I finally found a compressor (by that time we had relocated to Texas) and a "jack leg" to install it. After the unit was flushed and serviced we fired it up and the fan blew! After much searching I located a fan and had it installed. Finally, we seem to have a working heat pump. Perseverance is a must, especially when dealing with equipment that is no longer manufactured.

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