Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Boon Docking

We asked for two days off when the rig moved and the company honored our request. Unfortunately the company also thought that if we were going to be off they weren't going to provide support. Things like septic, water and electric. Times like these are when I'm glad I own a Class A motor home. We have a generator, holding tanks and freshwater on board. So we are now sitting in another cow pasture two miles off the paved road. We also had to relocate our self (the company also didn't help with that). This is truly boon docking-off road and no support what so ever. We are proud how proficient we have become. Up and moving within a few hours and set up just as fast. Shoot- we tune in the satellite in 10 minutes! Level out and set up the coach in less than an hour. Not to long ago, I wouldn't have dared take this motor home off road and certainly not have been as comfortable boon docking like we are now.

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