Friday, November 18, 2011

Have You Got The Itch?

A lot of my readers (and non readers) want to know if they can live the RV lifestyle- sort of leave the 9-5 grind behind. Unless you have some sort of second income, savings or are well off the answer is no. But; if you're willing to work a modified 9-5 grind, there is indeed a way to do it. It's called workamping and if you're reasonably healthy, you can do it. It involves working at a wide variety of places, including National Parks, campgrounds and even malls. You have to find a reliable recreational vehicle, such as a motorhome or 5th wheel. In today's economy that is pretty easy, especially if you look into the used market. We even have friends that do it in a "pop-up"-basically a tent on a small trailer. I don't recommend that, since you will be living in the vehicle. Once you have an RV, you have to find work. Almost all workamping positions and hiring are done via the Internet. Google American Land and Leisure, Workers on Wheels, Happy Vagabonds, Woodalls, etc. just to name a few. Also, is one of the preeminent sites used to find work  . Some of the more unique positions for couples is gate guarding oil rigs, mini storage units and idle industrial properties. Some of the positions require a moderate amount of exertion. You might have to do some cleaning or yard work, for instance. But; you can do it in some of the most desirable and beautiful places in America.

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