Thursday, February 23, 2012

All Part of It

They have been working on a huge production pad right in front of our RV for about two weeks. It looked like a test facility for Caterpillar. They supposedly finished and it rained. The next morning we had a large lake out front. Needless to say, they went back at it again with bulldozers, graders and the like.The noise and dust has been horrendous. All part of it. I believe they finally think they have it level because they have brought in concrete trucks (15 of them) to add to the pad. Now we have added concrete DUST to the mix. All part of it. Well we finally succumbed to it all and have closed the RV up and turned on the air conditioning. You can't step outside for very long as you'll start coughing. All part of it-gotta love working the gate.

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