Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tired of the Bell?

Living and working out of an RV requires a certain mental attitude. Some fall right into it and others never do. Lack of space and confinement are intolerable to some. Normal (if there is such a thing) "rving" is Mom and Dad, the kids and the dogs at some resort about a days drive away. The RV serves as a base and they are caught up in a ton of activities away from it. Heck, dinner is usually outside under the awning by the campfire. The big adventure for them is when they actually travel for the entire vacation and see the sights. Out of that bunch usually comes the "full timer"; the hardy few that decide to make a lifestyle of it. I'm sure there are those that retire and jump right in, although I'd bet they have some kind of "rving" experience. Of course you have aberrations; like those that still maintain a stick built house and can't quite make the plunge. Then you have the workamper; usually "full timers" that work to supplement their income. For some it is their only source of income. Then you have the gate and site guards which I refer to as a whole different animal. That bunch is normally stuck in or near the RV, with some one's presence required at all times. In prior posts I have described and suggested activities to keep one from feeling captive or bored while gate or site guarding.  Occasionally one of us will take a day trip and recharge our batteries. Even a trip to town now and then is refreshing. I have even been known to spring for a "spa day" for Missy. Lately, we have been encouraging guards to get together at luncheons and such. Missy likes to network via the Internet, and even jumps in the car and drops in on nearby guards now and then. We also like to get away, as a couple, for a day or two when we find ourselves between assignments. We also know couples that take the job, put their noses to the grindstone for a few months, then head somewhere else for a change in scenery. Some have a regular rotation they follow, sort of like a nomadic snowbird. So; before you get "tired of the bell"; try getting away for a bit.

(For those of you unfamiliar with gate guarding, there is usually a device/alarm that is tripped by  traffic entering and exiting the site, to alert the guard. For a lot of us it's a bell, similar to ones at old gas stations.)

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