Monday, April 9, 2012

Bon Voyage

Well the mercury in the thermometer is climbing and the "winter gate guard" migration is in full swing. We have decided to stay and we couldn't leave anyway as we did not secure a workamping position for the summer. They say it takes a particular person to remain and work through a hot Texas summer as a gate guard. We think we are prepared along with our coach. We have had the air conditioners tuned up and most of the outstanding maintenance done. The flip side is that Missy is in a funk since she has grown close and become friends with some of the departing gate guards. Being semi confined as we are makes moments with friends even more precious than normal. They will be missed and I hope Missy makes more as time passes. I wish more gate guards were open to swapping gate duty and getting together now and again. As the title suggests I wish them "Bon Voyage" and hope at least some return next winter. I hope they get to their destinations safely.

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