Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Passings

Happy Easter everyone! I sometimes wonder how eggs (usually the ones from a chicken) and rabbits became associated with Passover, Lent, the Crucifixion, et all. After all, rabbits don't lay eggs and neither of them care much about religion. As far as that goes, what got the whole Easter egg hunt thing going? And, why do we traditionally buy/make dresses and put on our "Sunday go to meeting clothes" for Easter? I bet God or that power greater than all of us is kind of smiling about the whole thing. It's funny how we always seem to find a way to distort the true meaning of our religious holidays. Do I really need to bring up the whole Christmas thing? 
Ferdinand Porsche-My first memories of an exotic car were of my neighbors 911 Porsche. A terrifying ride in a 356 Speedster with a pal of my fathers remains forever embedded in my mind. It had no passenger seat and I sat on a small tool box. It was the first, and only, vehicle I remember that the driver up shifted through a turn. It was also one of a handful of times that I was too frightened to speak. God bless him and everyone else that finds the odor of burning tires, gasoline and leather upholstery to be intoxicating.

Mike Wallace-need I say more?

Thomas Kincaid-I was never a big fan, but I did like some of his work. He brought art to the common man and he should be lauded for that.

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