Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shuffling on the pad

Recently we couldn't turn down an offer from facilities to improve our pad. The ramifications from that kept us busy for over half a day. Disconnecting the "umbilical cord" that keeps us powered up, water flowing and poop exiting is a labor intensive and involved process. Throw in re-positioning the Dish satellite dish and it gets even better. Plus the night worker (ME) loses sleep time whilst assisting. I am grateful (again) that we have an on board generator. Once we vacated the pad and found a temporary place to roost I was able to nap in air-conditioned comfort. Then there was the reconnecting process... When we first moved here our service person decided to leave the support trailers as is till we got settled in. Unfortunately that left the trailer with the generator right outside our living room. That had to go and yesterday we set about helping move the offending trailer. Again water had to be disconnected along with the power cords. Reconnecting and re-positioning the cords and adding a water hose added to the fun. BTW, it is sure quieter in the living room. At least we didn't have to move Jezabel again ( -; Nothing is ever easy in this business, but I guess if you had to move your stick built home, it wouldn't be easy either.

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