Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Does Matter

One of the problems with living among a people steeped in the "manana" attitude in the United States is our societal way of doing things clashes with that attitude. Even in South Texas, or Northern Mexico, as I refer to it. It's also interesting seeing these semi Americanized Hispanics get upset about getting the "manana" treatment. We have been sitting since a little before nine a.m. waiting for a tow truck because the guy that towed us the last two times suddenly decided he didn't like Good Sam's payment method. That was after we were assured that he would have us towed around eleven forty five. He just never bothered calling back to tell Good Sam this till after noon. Mellow out dude, you say. Just sit and relax and they'll get you towed. It matters that I get out of here because: I already promised the RV park owner I'd be gone by now and I told the garage that's expecting us we'd be there shortly, plus the folks with my replacement engine are waiting for my call that depends on me getting out of this RV park and getting towed to the garage. Fits of rage by Missy-who definitely is not "mananaized" has gotten Good Sam to give us a years renewal free and resulted in management being rousted at home. Word to the wise-do not get Missy's dander up. It is my sincere hope that the mechanic doing the job has some since of urgency. If the pervasive "manana" attitude has afflicted him we could be there a while. Like our Jeep we finally rescued after months of waiting at a Hispanic owned garage. Let me say that I do not want to patronize anyone or offend their culture. I know Hispanics that put their nose to the grindstone and work like dogs. I just wish their people in general had a little more sense of alacrity while doing business with us gringos.

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