Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Phone Thing

I know some of my readers are going to be put off by this, but so be it. To engender the respect of the company that employs you, you need to show some self reliance. The service people in the gate guarding business are not concierges. They are not there to serve at your beck and call and to come at your every whim. Now I know that not all of us are blessed to know a multimeter from an oscilloscope or a crescent from a box end.  However, at least make the attempt to have a cursory look at the problem you're having. After assessing the problem, ask yourself if you can make it till morning or do you really need to roust that service person at 2 a.m. Another thing you may not know is that any help they give you with your RV is out of the goodness of their own hearts. They are not RV techs! I have heard stories of some folks insisting that problems beyond the water hose or electrical plug needed to be addressed by the service person. WRONG!! If the gen set is putting out voltage and the hose is moving water, you more than likely have the problem. There are few, if any, tools required to check connections and circuit breakers. You need to know where they are and what they operate and/or effect. With the commonality of two or more air conditioners and ever more complex systems on RV's, it is not unusual for a circuit breaker to pop once and a while. Especially with generators providing the electricity we all count on. Perhaps it's a more personal thing; but establishing consumption patterns with your generator and water are also helpful. Then it's a simple matter of applying that to your service person's regular rounds. What rounds you say? Well, if everyone worked together and applied a little common sense the service persons rounds would indeed be regular. Or closer to it. Rarely does a company have a roving mechanic in the gate guard business. Your friendly neighborhood service person is saddled with that responsibility. Every time someone calls him or her that takes him from the job of servicing the rest of us. Don't be like the little boy that cried wolf and when you do make that call someone will be more apt to respond.

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