Monday, June 18, 2012

More Musings

My dear readers never know what to expect when I title my post with musings. Actually it allows me to rant, rave and ramble. 
Do you torque the lug nuts after a tire change? Do you recheck their tightness after about 100 miles as suggested? I'll admit to occasionally checking the tightness, but rarely using a torque wrench. I am now a convert and will be checking the security of my lug nuts in the future. We came off of a gate and drove to San Antonio for a break. We ran around town quite a bit for a day or two; and then, after dinner one night, I thought I noticed a weird sound emanating from the rear of the vehicle (at 60-70 mph!). A WalMart parking lot beckoned and we went to a quiet spot where I got out and attempted to identify the noise. We won't get into how strange I looked, walking in a crouch by the car while Missy drove slowly. It took a bit to put two and two together, but I finally discovered the loose wheel. Lesson learned!
We are still trying to sell the Jeep. Can you help me with my command of the English lexicon, please? Example one: "My wife has gone to the bank and gotten the money, we'll be by later to buy the Jeep". Example two: "I'm very interested and will be out to look at it after work". Example number three (after explaining thoroughly the condition of the vehicle): "I still would like to buy the Jeep and can charge that much to my Visa card. How about you deliver it since I work alone and can't leave my job?" Obviously none of these individuals bought the Jeep. Am I strange in that I thought at least one of these folks was serious? 
Have any of you navigated the streets of San Antonio? (Sounds like a song title, doesn't it?) For some reason I cannot get anyone to give me any quarter in traffic. Are they just ignorant or rude...or both? Merging onto the interstate seems like a life or death experience. Then the tension is compounded because, instead of making a cursory glance of my surroundings, my focus is fixed on the oncoming vehicles in my lane because they will not honor my turn signal. In other words I'm focused on looking to the rear via mirrors and neck crane instead of concentrating on flowing into traffic. And then you have a multitude of Interstates, US highways, Loops, Spurs, Farm to Market roads and; of course, the upper and lower choice. As if I needed more choices! And then you have the mega short distance that the signage affords you in which to make your decision. And don't even get me going about downtown-have you been there?
Lions, tigers and bears...oh my! Did you know South Texas has been the home for exotic animals for years? It has a lot of folks upset; but controlled hunting has resulted in many endangered species flourishing here. Supposedly even an extinct animal or two. It is big business with most of the cheapest hunts costing $5000. A water buffalo will cost a hunter $50,000! I'm glad I knew this when we were traveling towards Tilden the other day. We saw a bunch of zebra and antelope on a ranch. The really high fencing is a good sign you've found one.
For some reason the song "Shades of Gray" by Robert Earl Keen comes to mind. Check it out sometime.

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