Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swaying the Vote

Do you think the “suits” holding the caucuses in Washington already have a winner in mind for this presidential election? Whether you believe it or the not the news media has a way of slanting things to their way of liking. It can be subtle or even subliminal and it seems as if it’s always slipped into the news between the “real” news of the day. For several nights now NBC has said that Obama holds a solid lead over Romney based on polls I’ve never heard of. The most recent one was a quickie inserted between the Colorado shootings and the civil war in Syria. I am not a big fan of statistics or polls-Nielsen has never asked me what I watch. And I don’t recall ever participating in any polls. My concern here lies in the fact that our electorate (that’s you and me folks) seem pretty fed up with the state of affairs in this country. That affects the voter turnout, which is pretty pathetic on its best day. All we need is for someone to propagate that the election’s a done deal and really turn people away from the voting booths. Let me say here that I’m a Libertarian held hostage by our electoral system. By not choosing Republican or Democrat, I am limited on not only who I can vote for, but also the issues I can vote on. And seeing that we don’t have a viable third party I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I am not versed enough on the goings on in our government to be judgmental. I do know that something is very wrong and we need to change course soon. Whoever gets voted in needs to be able to get some fence mending done muy pronto and get things clicking again. The legislative branch of our government has turned into a morass of diatribe and endless debate. The house has spent untold millions of dollars repeatedly passing a bill rejecting the Obama health care initiative. Like thirty plus times-I mean REALLY? And everyone knows it’s dead on arrival in the senate. Meanwhile the judicial branch-specifically the Supreme court- has turned rulings on issues presented before them into a crap shoot. Forget liberal or conservative; their reasoning behind the decisions has become borderline wacko. Their support of Obama care was explained as not wanting to contravene the congressional approval of the bill-in effect legislating from the bench-which to them reflected the will of the people. It must be really windy in D.C. because there are a lot of people bending with the wind. I love this country so don’t interpret my criticism as anything otherwise. Therein lays perhaps my biggest source of consternation. I just don’t seem to see any grassroots rebellion growing here. As mad and frustrated as people seem to be there seems to be no unifying effort to get our concerns aired and acted upon. I feel as if there is an attitude of resignation sweeping this country. There are so many issues that polarize and divide us. It seems to me that we need to get back to our roots. I do not want alienate, irritate or disenfranchise any portion of this great country. It just seems we were so much better off when immigrants assimilated with us, families did things together, nuclear families still existed and basic civility and morals were the order of the day. Finally I’ll add that I’m uncomfortable (if that’s the word) having to preface everything that seems non PC with conciliatory and apologetic comments. 
BTW As I go to publish this the news just posted a poll saying 36% of the population disliked Romney...REALLY?!?

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  1. Ref grassroots rebellion, if Ted Cruz beats Dewhurst tonight in the Tx. GOP US Senate primary, that will be recorded as one of the biggest defeats of the establishment, all courtesy of the Tea Party. America is awake and consistent with what happened in Nov '10 midterms and WI. Gov recall, Romney will wind in a landslide. And may it be the end of the Fifth Column treasonous media.