Friday, July 20, 2012


I am writing this outside, on the gate, in hopes that it can be copy/cut and pasted to my blog. I have failed to keep everyone updated primarily due to lack of internet access.
The motorhome saga continues as the replacement engine showed signs of oil leakage (which the mechanic furthered substantiated by tearing into the engine) and would have cost too much to repair. I paid a premium price for that motor, but knew the company that sold it to us would stand behind its products. Sure enough another engine has been sent. Unfortunately it keeps drawing out the length of the repair. That also means a longer stay in our rental trailer. I don’t wish to sound ungrateful, but 2 dogs. 2 cats and 2 persons is just too much for a sub 25 foot travel trailer. I also wanted my readers to know that we have been good stewards of your donations. In fact they were extremely helpful in getting us over the hump when we were not working and completing the purchase of the engine. This saga started over five weeks ago and we have burned through almost six thousand dollars. We have left some funds in the account for miscellaneous expenses which I’m sure will occur. Sort of an out of site out of mind thing. I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I have my fingers crossed that the replacement for the replacement engine will be a sound product!
We are on an EOG gate and love the folks we work with. We wound up with the same crew we were working with before Missy took her sabbatical. This after we were told we couldn’t follow the rig. Something to the effect that EOG doesn’t do that. We further broke the mold by accompanying them to our present location. Seems the company men both really like us. Speaking of EOG; we had a HS2 (I think that’s the name) leak on the valve of a pipeline right behind our location. I told the company man that something was stinking up the pad we were on and he came down to verify it. Talk about all hell breaking loose! Our field superintendent was notified and people appeared like magic and disturbed ants on an anthill. Two truckloads of roughnecks were rousted from nearby jobs and told to report to our pad to help us relocate. I mean the sh*t hit the fan buddy! They delivered gravel, cut out a new pad and leveled it and had us relocated in under two hours! I thought a company man cut a wide swath, but it pales in comparison to what a field superintendant can accomplish.
I cannot complete this blog entry without extending a profound thanks to all who have supported us as we go through this process. That includes Good Sam ERS who towed us three times to make sure we got where we needed to be. It also should include J & G (I am NOT promoting them-just stating the facts) and Justin French for keeping us in mind and fixing us up with a trailer, so that we could get $$$ coming in. Plus, I don’t know how long we could have remained in our coach with no hookups! Finally, both Missy and I are moved by the kind words we have received, especially the ones that came from those of you who donated despite hardships of your own. Very cool!! I hope to have an update soon; hopefully one which states we are back in our motorhome!

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