Sunday, September 30, 2012

No more @#$%#$ Alarms!!

We were released from our gate yesterday. It was expected and we have been on gates since June, so a break was in order. We have found a very quiet RV park to "veg" in for a few days. My hound got me up, as is his custom, at 0630 this morning. I took him and Ellie for a quick walk and then crawled back in bed. We worked extremely hard yesterday packing everything up, plus we had the added chore of cleaning the rental trailer. Also everything of ours that was in the rental trailer had to be moved back into our coach. We were tired, to say the least, and I ended up sleeping till almost 0900. I never do that! It occurred to me that the alarms aren't going off and we're not having to get up and check people in. Yaaay; what a simple pleasure to enjoy!

A point to ponder: An FBI agent named Robert (Bob) Levinson remains a hostage somewhere in the Middle East. As I have repeatedly said NO ONE is our ally over their and I hope more and more patriots will take up that mantra. I also said somewhere because it appears he is not in lovely Iran, where he (and countless others) have been kidnapped. Entreaties to Ahmadinejad, the thug that runs the country, have had little effect. Information gleaned out of the talks repeatedly leads us to our old pals in (guess where kids!) Pakistan. Can you repeat the mantra? Anyway keep him in your thoughts and prayers. This man has been held since 2007 and he should not be forgotten.

The song in my head today is "Shades of Gray" by Robert Earl Keen. I almost hate to admit it, but "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" by the Cowsills also was rattling around in there earlier this week. What can I say...


  1. and who just announced $450 million aid to Egypt now controlled by Mus Brotherhood and $45 million to the radicals in Syria....*facepalm**

  2. Do you rent a trailer instead of using your coach on your gate?