Friday, September 28, 2012

Ups and Downs

We have taken a site from spud to production for the first time since we started gate guarding. We usually follow a rig, so we never got to “enjoy” fracking , completion work or flow back. It’s downright comfortable out here now; especially on these 60 degree mornings. Two weeks or so ago; not so much. We had facility construction; pipeline work, fracking and a rig move all going on at the same time in the 100 degree plus heat. The dust also was beyond horrendous, with both visibility and breathing severely hampered. For the first time are resolve to conduct our daily duties was sorely tested. We made endless entreaties to various officials for the road to be watered down, with mixed results. I did better on my own, wandering out to the end of the lease road and waving down a vacuum truck. I’d bribe him with a cold drink. Anyway, we have been warned that our days on this little piece of lease land seem to be numbered. We just enjoy the limited traffic and keep our mouths shut. If and when someone comes and relieves us that’ll be fine as we are ready for a day or two off.
Some reflections:
I didn’t mind replacement officials in the NFL until they started losing control of the game. I could handle a missed call now and then (even the regular officials do that); but when it affects the flow and outcome of the game?
Libya now says it has a suspect in mind in regards to the attack on our Consulate. Problem is they are afraid to confront this individual for fear that it might provoke a conflict that they would probably lose. Seems the radicals are better armed and equipped than the ad hoc government in that part of the world. I shudder to think what might happen if we ever try to eradicate these folks.
Move along everybody. The non story that was this election is over. The news outlets would have you believe that the election is a done deal. Obama has out earned and out spent Romney so the position has been bought and paid for. Now the propaganda machines have kicked in and are spewing out polls showing that Romney is behind in every category you can imagine. Most polls are keeping the percentiles close to make it interesting.
IMHO folks that sit outside stores hoping to obtain the latest gadget must have a screw loose. Especially when you consider that same item will soon be readily available at a cheaper price. All you techies out there please refrain from sending me hate mail.

I wrote this a week ago (long before the debacle with Green Bay and Seattle). Since then the real refs have come back, and we were released from our gate. Also; are you ready for this?, the motorhome was completed!! I am so grateful for all the support we got from so many folks while we went through this ordeal.    As a final "twist to the screw" the mechanic squeezed us for over a thousand dollars before he would let us have the coach. Needless to say, I have little good to say about this mechanic.

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  1. Polls skewed to demoralize GOP turnout. Take a look at that uses a model more representative of expected 2012 partisan turnout.

    What is update on the rig now?