Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rants & Raves

I have had connectivity problems with the internet and a power supply problem with my laptop that has made blogging near impossible. I can get e-mail on my phone; but replying using that tiny keyboard is nigh impossible for me. Hopefully some of you have noticed my lack of output. Sorry.
The never ending saga with the motorhome continues. Deadlines have repeatedly been missed and it still sits in the shop. I offered to hire a mechanic to help the guy get it done and he took offense. Apparently he is going to make up a bill for the hours worked and part(s) expense and leave it to me to complete. I have a mechanic coming in Monday, so we will see what happens.
What can I say about the Middle East? Days after the slaughter of our Ambassador in Libya, I still find it hard to watch reports about it. Some of my readers know of my experience as an Embassy Guard while serving in the Marines. The Marines have the unique and privileged task of protecting our diplomats throughout the world. Only the very best get through the rigorous training and screening required to perform this duty. The land that the consulates and embassies occupy is considered American soil and the host country is expected to treat it as such. I have worked with diplomats and am intimately familiar on how the Foreign Service conducts its business. Unfortunately; (and I am not sure why), there was no Marine Security Guard detachment at this consulate. Only a couple of former special operators (that means Seals, Delta Force, Green Berets, etc.) where there serving as RSO’s (regional security officers). Standard protocol during an imminent breach of one of our outposts is to destroy sensitive and/or classified material by burning it. Our Ambassador had made sure that everyone was as secure as possible in the annex, while he and the RSO’s performed this task. Details are still coming in; but, apparently one of the RSO’s made it out and bravely returned when he realized the Ambassador was still inside. All of them lost their lives and the remaining personnel spent over four long hours waiting for rescue in the annex. Libya would have us believe that this was just an unruly mob. They explain away the automatic weapons, explosives and rocket launchers as items commonly found in any household in Libya. Let’s also not forget the organization and logistics involved in such an operation. Can somebody say Al Qaeda out there? Shortly afterwards the American Embassy was breached in Yemen. They didn’t get inside, but did prodigious amounts of damage to the outside and to vehicles in the motor pool. More chaos and rioting occurred all over the Middle East. All this supposedly spawned by a movie ridiculing the prophet Mohammad. I have a hard time understanding a religion that advocates and supports the killing of infidels (that’s non Muslims like me) and the destruction of property. It’s even harder to understand folks following these maniacs. What especially galls me is the amount of foreign aid we shower on these folks. And this is how we are treated! Anyone know where we can get some bucks to ease our debt and financial crisis...? I may be simplistic, but if they don’t want us there-why do we stay? At the very least, Libya’s diplomats should be booted out of the US and our foreign spending should be scrutinized; especially in the Middle East. That would be a minor nod to the legacy of some very brave diplomats and patriots.

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  1. Mark, thanks for your service. I couldn't agree more with your assessment and solutions. For the Pres. spokesman to say a film induced the riot only to be repeated by the media, is completely disingenuous. I leave you with a quote from Mark Steyn: “Elderly Soviet propagandists must be wondering why they wasted their time jamming radio transmitters and smashing printing presses when they could just have sent everyone to Columbia Journalism School.”