Monday, April 29, 2013

Toeing the Line

The mayor of San Antonio was caught red handed on camera tossing medals to the crowds in a Fiesta parade. No big deal you say; right? Well there is a city ordinance that prohibits that. In fact, El Rey Feo was thrown out of the parade that bears his name and told to park his float by parade officials for the same violation. I agree with the mayor that this is all kind of silly. Where I disagree is when the mayor calls out the press and television for making a big deal of it. He repeated that on the evening news and said that the city council would be revisiting that ordinance soon. I'm no hard ass, but I believe everyone would have been better served had the mayor been more contrite. People, especially children, are very impressionable and the message the mayor is sending is wrong. It can never be correct for the violation of a rule/ordinance to be ignored simply because you believe it to be wrong and have the power/influence to change it.

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