Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fox in the Henhouse

I have refrained from writing about our government and the morass that is any kind of legislation these days. Some folks think that that is really not germane to my blog. The chaos that is Washington D.C. these days has almost screamed for me to speak out yet again. My only fear about all this is that it might give rise to even more radical histrionics from the far left or right.
The headlines scream that the IRS was targeting groups (especially non profits) that espoused or had Tea Party or Patriot in their names for excessive and unfair scrutiny. Frustrated conservatives are having a field day, rightfully stating they had been saying this for some time. As is common in Washington, the plot thickened after Congress and the President called for an investigation. And, as is the hallmark of the current administration, when the defecation hits the fan no one seems to be in charge. As long as the spotlight isn't on you the money flows and exotic getaways serve as motivational or teaching seminars. Why a federal employee needs a $1000 plus a night suite is beyond me. With everything else percolating on or below the surface this is actually a diversion for some folks in our nations capitol. As I have said repeatedly in the past, it bothers me that most folks are accepting and/or oblivious to the powers and capabilities of the IRS. They are not bound by most common laws. They have their own enforcement group and court system; replete with its own judges. A veritable kangaroo court in the government supposedly run by and for the people.

The shame that was this administrations response and handling of the attack on our consulate in Benghazi smolders and has resisted strong efforts to expose the truth. Obfuscation and spin control have been fully utilized in this matter. Hillary Clinton's bumbling and convenient illness during most of the hearings; not to mention her stepping down, softened the impact of the scandal. That this country ignored repeated requests for stepped up security and was unable (or unwilling) to send aid when needed is a slap in the face to all the selfless diplomats that serve America's interests. The loss of Ambassador Stevens and the brave men who tried to protect him (and saved many lives) deserve better from our country.

Speaking of morass; the long, slow process of converting the Veterans Administration's records onto computers continues to plod along. Meanwhile our country shamefully delays or denies veterans the benefits that they so richly deserve. Interviews with folks in charge there show a defeated leadership that thinks the job will take years without additional help. Meanwhile a decades long cancer of rape and abuse amongst the ranks has finally come to light, allowing some long suffering individuals to hopefully find some justice. Talk about fox in the henhouse, some of the vermin forced out from under their rock(s) are the very people charged with protecting the folks they abused. Makes me wonder why folks were surprised by the disclosure of systematic rape and abuse of civilians in WW2. As a veteran I hope something positive and long lasting comes from this-our country and troops deserve better.

I have mixed feelings about the fourth estate, especially because of the damage that yellow journalism can cause. I suppose I should exercise more tolerance as a blog is a form of journalism. Anyway I was impressed by Bob Schieffer's take on this whole mess. He saw beyond the rhetoric, the pundits and spin and said that he has never seen Washington D.C. this bad. He further said that he had never seen such a lack of leadership and that everyone seemed to be off on their own tangent, instead of moving in a cohesive, unified course. I'm not a big fan of motivational clich├ęs, but we really need everyone to row in the same direction if we expect to pull out of this tailspin.

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