Friday, June 28, 2013

No Deal!

After hiring someone to watch our gate we sat sail for Ft. Worth just before three a.m. yesterday. We wanted to avoid traffic and the heat of the day, plus we wanted to get back as  soon as possible. Three hundred plus miles later we arrived at the RV dealership and began negotiations to trade our coach and car for a 5th wheel. This after we had spent hours on the phone with the dealer and sent photos along with a description of our coach. After about thirty minutes of inspecting the dealer announced that he would not make the trade. Apparently he wanted to pass it on to other buyers and they did not offer enough to make it worth his while. The 5th wheel was more or less as described, but some things gave me pause. The bathroom floor was soft and there was a stress crack along with some delamination of the body. Maybe the "big guy" was trying to tell us something. I guess we can do a little more organizing and cleaning since we have everything packed up. Doesn't make it any easier to swallow...


  1. I'm so sorry the deal didn't work out and I know it must be terribly disappointing. Sounds like the 5er had some definite issues. Thanks for the feedback on the Open Range. There were some issues, even with the brand new one we were considering, that caused us to choose the Montana over Open Range. Hang in there; the right rig will come along!

  2. Obviously I'm no expert on the Open Range; but craftsmanship keeps coming up. The wheel well trim was just slapped on with some screws, same with the gutters, the wiring in the storage area was all willy nilly and protected by a thin piece of luan (at the back of the area)and there was an overall cheap feel to it. I know these things are mass produced but... To be fair there have been a lot of compliments about them.

  3. Sorry to hear your deal didn't work out. Sometimes that is for the best as a vehicle you did not expect, and maybe hadn't considered, may find its way into your search and it will be ten times better that your original wish.

    Best of luck on finding a good fit.

  4. Everything happens for a reason Mark. Study on this for a bit and figure out what it is telling you. The insight will be invaluable.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help.