Thursday, August 22, 2013

Black Water Revisited

I promised an update on our non flowing black water tank. I am a very persistent type, especially when I seem unable to find solutions to a problem. I finally dug into the belly and had Missy exercise the cable while I assisted down below. The valve seemed to be operating correctly. I decided to run a hose to the toilet and fill the black water tank to see if the valve was by passing. I don't know how much water a typical hose puts out, but I gave up after about five minutes. I resigned my self to removing the black water valve just to figure out what was going on. Given the results of the last time I removed a valve-a sh*t shower so to speak-I wanted to be sure the lines were clear. I gave the valve one last yank and; lo and behold. a loud whoosh emanated from the bowels of the RV. Our black water tank had finally dumped! I believe that we had what is known as a dry tank. Apparently the RV had sit for a while and/or the last owner just left the black water valve open. Sometimes these situations can be real bad and you end up replacing the tank. We are going to fill the tank and add copious amounts of softener to help things along. Hallelujah!

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