Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Enough to Get By

Believe it or not cooler weather is on the way. It looks like those of us that braved the record heat are going to be in the cat birds seat once again. Or not. Gate guarding is a very competitive business and there has been a huge influx of people since word got out. Just like the gold rushes of yore there are always a few bad apples in every bunch. We have unwittingly made a career out of replacing those less than desirable folks out there. If there is a personality conflict, behavioral issues, lack of name it, we're your answer. Our recipe is nothing special. We groom regularly, we are polite but firm, we answer the door promptly no matter the hour and we try to ingratiate ourselves with folks we work with. Those are just a few things. I suppose you could say we make a conscience effort at it; but we just view it as part of the job. So why am I bringing this up? Even in the worst of the heat/slow season there were few gates left wanting. It could rain gates tomorrow for all I know, but it looks like another very competitive winter is coming up. As I have said in the past I am loath to spread rumors. But, after doing this full time a while you start to see patterns develop. Along with the winter Texans, we have the hunting season coming up and the yearly slow down in the final quarter. Add wildly unpredictable gas prices, dirt cheap propane and an anti gas and coal political climate and anything could happen. Like long haul truckers, gypsies and cowboys gate guards are an independent bunch. So I am not going to preach to the choir. For whatever it's worth I'd slick my hair back, renew my effort to get to the door promptly, smile at the hardest persons to get along with and overall step up my game right now. Y'all know what to do and this is a friendly reminder. Doing just enough to get by ain't going to cut it. And those of you on the fence had better get to prepping and packing, the sooner you get here the better. We've got folks sitting right now.

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