Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Victim of our Own Success?

When we first started working with our current company we asked to remain with the drilling rig when they relocated. The field superintendent (who is actually a gruff teddy bear) at the time said that that was against corporate policy and denied the request. Just as we were preparing to leave we were told our company man had intervened and we would be following the rig. We remained with the same two drilling rigs for over a year. Recently we have found ourselves assigned to more and more difficult gates. While we suspected that we were being singled out for these jobs, we had no real confirmation. That was until the traffic situation on our current gate caused our exploration company to send someone out to check on things. Turns out he knew who we were and said that they had  specifically asked for us on that job. Suspicions confirmed! Here's hoping that the situation will work in our favor and we will catch a break and get a decent gate soon.


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