Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It's the day before Santa's big show and I find myself somewhat blasé about the whole affair. The 22nd of December would have been my fathers 81st birthday and he passed on Christmas day. No man is without flaws, but my father was an exceptional human being and he is loved and missed. I will celebrate his life and make the best of the day; he would have wanted it that way.
We will again celebrate Christmas like a lot of other Gate Guards; ever vigilant and at our post. It is a oft times thankless job, but we didn't sign up expecting accolades. Unlike the drilling rigs we have protected, the fracking crew will shut down for a few days starting at noon on the Monday before Christmas. It is interesting to note that we initially dreaded getting assigned to a fracking crew. All we heard about was the traffic, the dust and general busyness of frack gates. Now we have grown accustomed to it all and find it's really not that bad. I will say that sustaining a professional effort and maintaining an upbeat attitude becomes more difficult after multiple fracks without a break. The crew we are currently with have worked with us before and that makes the job easier. This crew also has a full time caterer so we are eating well and saving on groceries!

Our long term plans call for a Memorial Day break to compete in a chili cook off and we hope to visit some relatives next year. I also have hopes of visiting a national park before my demise. How ironic that I have travelled the world and not seen our national parks!

Missy and I, along with our pack of animals, sincerely wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend it with someone you love and care about.

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