Friday, December 13, 2013

Writer's Block

I have been suffering from a horrendous cold. At least that is what I am told. Frankly it feels more like the flu or walking pneumonia to me. The oilfield workers say it's the "crud" and it's going around. As some of my dear readers know, I suffer from heart disease and I have had a quadruple bypass. What they might not know is that coughing is never the same once your chest has been split open. I am not soliciting sympathy; far from it, I am simply providing an update. I figured that I haven't made a blog submission for a while and that I owe my readers an explanation. The cold, crud or whatever it is also manifests itself by making even the simplest tasks difficult. I also owe Missy and those around me an apology as I know I have been difficult to work with during my illness. Basically I am a terrible patient.
Anyway, along with being a terrible patient, I am a Scrooge. As I have said in the past the commercialization of Christmas seemed to take all the joy out of the holiday. It seems more and more that the value of a present has far more meaning than the thought behind it. Then, good old capitalization sets in, and; before you know it, everyone is trying to out give the other. Often times someone in the group/family just can't keep up and simply gets outspent. Bad feelings commence...need I go on? In my case if you get more than a card you're doing well! I watched my father try for years to get the perfect present for my mother. Most times he failed. Silly man, all a woman really wants (I said really) is your love and some pampering-like some spa time or a mani-ped. C'mon ladies! You know I am right. As far as this male goes; keep it simple. A six pack or two of my favorite brew and a box set of Justified and I'm set. So my advice to you this Christmas is to get back to basics and show your partner that you truly care for him or her.


  1. Hey I know we are all busy - but we haven't heard from Missy in several weeks. Have her give me a call. Hope your cold gets warmer.