Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Trip Back in Time

Recently our time off coincided with the move of a friend into an older home. We volunteered to help her get settled and the first order of business was a thorough inspection of the new digs. Wow! It was an older home (built in the forties) replete with gas heat via ancient ceramic heaters. While the heaters still worked the house did have a central heat and air system retrofitted; for those of you that were concerned. A trip into the kitchen revealed a charming, virtually intact Magic Chef oven from the early fifties! Of course, there were wood floors throughout the house. The "flow" sucked, of course; but they didn't worry about those things back then. I'm not sure what the exterior walls were made of, but the house retained a chill throughout an 80 degree plus day. We spent the better part of two days helping clean and organize. But, isn't that what real friends are for?

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