Friday, October 10, 2014

A Quick Note from Me

Hey gang!, Mark here. I had hoped to write this when I reached 40 subscribers. I got motivated when I saw that I am up to 38. It is a quirky milestone I have been aching to reach for some time. Believe me, I am extremely grateful that anyone reads this drivel. It allows me to not only express my views, but also to know that there are like minded folks out there. Anyway, right below the Followers widget is an icon that says "Join This Site". If you click on that you become a follower and get the added benefit of having my latest missive show up automatically for you to enjoy. I guess we can call this my drive for forty (or more) subscribers. Either way, as I have repeatedly said, I am extremely grateful for my peeps out there that support this endeavor. It's the primary reason I do this. THANKS!!

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