Monday, October 13, 2014


RVs as a rule are not built for a nomadic lifestyle. There are some companies that cater to and advertise their offerings for fulltimers; but, for the most part, an RV was conceived as a weekend warrior or vacation vehicle. Living and working out of your RV is a whole different ball of wax. If you also dump your stick and brick home, it becomes an even bigger challenge. I feel fortunate that my father taught me that everything has a place and should be returned to that place if used. We also are a nautical family that knows about limiting and stowing everything you bring on board. I try to be the voice of moderation when it comes to acquiring things; even though I had the hardest time shedding all the things I had acquired over a lifetime. As a gate guard most of us soon realize that one of the limitations of an RV is the size of the refrigerator and freezer. Going weeks at a time between the normally long trek to town makes it imperative that you have a place to store extra groceries. We bought a small freezer that unfortunately doesn't fit inside our 5ver. We have to load and unload it every time we move. Getting a system in place is imperative if your going to live the nomadic lifestyle of a gate guard. Otherwise the whole process of setting up and breaking camp will become and even bigger chore. Although I help with the heavy lifting and do a few things to help out, we generally divide the chores between inside and outside. Missy stows and preps everything inside and I "rig down" outside. Speaking of that, if you expect to get relieved it is good etiquette and a courtesy to your replacement to be off the pad when they arrive. So, to summarize; limit what you bring, organize what you bring (totes and boxes help) and put a system in place. Additionally; no matter how long you expect to be somewhere resist the urge to accumulate "things". Just remind yourself before you're tempted that you'll eventually have to pick it up and pack it away somewhere.

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  1. October 14, 2014

    Great summation of the things we purchase. I try to use the and where am I going to “store” this thing we are going to purchase, when we “move - travel” to the next gate or down the road to our next visit. When parked and slides out there are other “things” on the floor inside not original equipment to our rig that must be stowed during travel. This is part of the making ready to roll. We do have a large “storage bay” that unloads when parked, then we seem to put something else in there while parked “too long” now there is a decision to make “what stays and what does” with us.


    October 14, 2014

    I am happy you found your basin wrench, I would have used the new one right away and then found the one I had stored.