Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Independence in an Increasingly Structured World

There are any number of subjects that raise the ire of a gate guard or the gate guard community in general. However; restraining their independence is about the quickest way to do it. I have watched the gate guard world in South Texas lumber towards a more structured and organized business over the last few years. Some of it was unfortunately brought on by gate guards themselves. Poor hygiene, mussed and torn clothes, a pad that looks like a hobo camp (or worse), lackadaisical attitudes, to name just a few things. For the most part gate guards are an independent bunch (less so these days IMHO), thus the allure of being a contractor. From the start of our tenure as gate guards the issue of being a contractor or employee has been a hot button issue. Then the non disclosure agreement, or NDA, came along. Now uniforms seem to be at the forefront. Simmering in the background are guard shacks and the whole movement towards making gate guards into run of the mill security guards, paid by the hour and treated like employees. Fear not, all you independents and abolitionists out there! I have it on good authority that; at least till the exploration stops, there will be twenty four hour gates with guards manning them in RV's. There probably will be less of them, but if you have done your job well and find yourself in good favor, you should have nothing to fear. The problem, as I see it, is that someone always seems to be willing to take a job, no matter how draconian the rules may be. I cannot (and will not) counsel you on how to behave in regards to these demands by security and petroleum companies that seem to crop up more and more frequently. When we first got to the patch, we probably would have accepted any number of demands in order to get cash coming in. Missy and I are both independent minded folk, somewhat set in our ways. We like the independence and faith that the security company we contract out to provides us. We realize and accept the fact that our employment is dependent upon a certain amount of decorum and professionalism while performing our duty. However; if we start getting uniform demands, pay adjustments or NDA's coming down the pike, you'll probably see these wheels turning. This is in no way to disparage those of you that enjoy being an employee and conforming to the demands of your employer. My hats even off to you. I; however, did not become a workamper and/or gate guard to do that.

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  1. love reading your post mark,been reading for about a year.found through andy i think.count me #41.