Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Warned You

If you've read my blog for any length of time you know I have written many posts about South Texas weather. If you haven't taken it to heart or just joined the rest of my dear readers; last night should have been a wake up call. Learning to adapt to these wild variations of temperatures, wind and rain are an integral part of surviving in South Texas. Last night deserves mentioning; if for no other reason, because of the wild winds. We have brought the slideouts in only once in the time we have worked in the patch. Last night came very close to being the second time. Despite the wholesale assault on the traditional American family structure, I still consider myself to be the De facto head of the household. As such, I feel it necessary to remain stoic and calm during storms. This even while our 5ver is rocking and rolling and the slideout toppers are stretched to their limits (and yo yowing in and out); all the while flapping horrendously. Truth be told, I am kind of fatalistic about the whole deal. After all, I have nowhere that I can go. It is also the reason we insure everything to the max. If the rocking and rolling are too much for you to bear, you may have to look elsewhere for work. By the way, did I mention it is going to be around 80 degrees today and near freezing tomorrow morning? At least we don't live in Buffalo!

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  1. When we were gate guarding near Cotulla in June 2012, I was working the night shift. A straight line wind came through (had no idea what that was until it happened). I had to bring in the slide-outs, It was scary. The 5er was shaking and I thought the slide-out toppers were going to tear.