Friday, November 21, 2014

News from the Author

If you are on Facebook I have started a page titled Gate Guard Info and RV Maintenance Tips, which coincides with a lot of what I write about here. Simply shoot me a request (via Facebook) to join and you can use the page to ask questions, start discussions or just peruse the entries that hopefully will eventually fill it. Unlike so many other administrators; I have started the page for every one's benefit and promise to rarely, if ever, censor entries.
I was very pleased this morning to find out that Steve Kroft (one of my favorite reporters) will file a report this Sunday on 60 Minutes concerning the condition and degradation of our countries infrastructure. I'm sure some of my dear readers have grown tired of my crusade to increase awareness of this problem. Of course, politics rears its ugly head in the story. Somehow, the federal gas tax has become the primary resource for funding to attack this cancer. Unfortunately, the mere mention of raising said tax spells defeat for any politician. Surely we are better than this and can come together with some sort of a solution. I personally look forward to the report.

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