Saturday, November 1, 2014


I have suffered through an amazing amount of weather phenomenon while working in South Texas. The closest I ever came to throwing in the towel was a cold, sleety night near the border. Boy, that was miserable. I rarely, if ever, complain about the weather in this blog. Yesterday was an exception. I conservatively figure we received two inches of rain, with most of it falling within an hours time.
In the middle of the deluge the area surrounding our huge, heavy 240 volt Halogen bulb washed out and it crashed into the trailer; scaring the bejeebers out of me. Fortunately, the damage was minor, especially considering the noise it made. Shortly after that, our service person showed up, hoping to provide us with water and fuel. After several tries (the support trailer is about 100 feet off the road, in a corn field), we finally had to give up. Both of us were soaked and the truck and trailer had almost gotten stuck several times. I had water and mud marks just below my knees that bore witness to the deluge. To add insult to injury, the service trailer blew a tire in the process. I can count the times on one hand that I have not been able to receive fuel and water out here. I desperately need to get some lights going, but I can't get through the soupy mud surrounding the trailer. Now I am facing the dilemma of how to get at least enough fuel to last a few days, or until things dry out enough to get a truck in. Talk about stymied!

Breaking News!

If our government has made an effort to secure a release for Sgt. Tahmooressi, it certainly has not been publicized much. I'm sure there are a wide variety of stories, if not more excuses, as to why this Marine had guns and ammunition in his possession at a border crossing with Mexico. He said he was confused and unable to turn around in time to avoid crossing into Mexico. I don't know if the signage has improved, but I can say that I suffered through the same confusion near a border crossing. Fortunately, I was able to get turned around before finding myself committed to cross. Today word came that this Marine was finally released. As far as I am concerned, Mexico should never have held him any longer that it took to verify his story.

Have you read the story of Boyd Bushman, a scientist formerly employed by Lockheed Martin? In a near death video he purports to not only have proof of alien life, he also has photos. More is surely coming out of this story.

Finally; and this is truly scary, a reporter investigating the Benghazi incident has video of her computer seemingly being acted upon by an outside force. Sharyl Attkisson  is a reporter, formerly working for CBS. If the allegations and video are indeed factual, the perpetrator(s) need to be found and punished. If it was an act by our government, it is outrageous and should have all Americans up in arms.

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