Monday, December 15, 2014

A Dreary Outlook

I have learned a lot when it comes to gate guarding and there are few, if any, constants. Those that I am sure of are; singles will always have a hard time finding employment, winter is always a slow time of year and the "boom" will eventually peter out. Every year since we started in the patch things overall have slowed. It is cyclical-we got here when things were willy nilly, oil was selling at almost $150 a barrel and organized chaos was the rule of the day. Now oil is at almost a third of that and most holes follow a similar pattern; from spudding to production. OPEC has it in its head that it must make oil recovery from shale deposits economically unfeasible. If they succeed, most of the bounty reaped from directional drilling and fracking will be for not. And "big oil" can expect little or no sympathy or aid from Washington and its "enviro Nazis". Dirty fuels like gas, oil and coal are universally reviled by our government. If we are still here as gate guards when summer finally comes around, our employment should be secure till year's end. I think most, if not all, workampers looking for gate guard work next winter should look elsewhere; unless they have locked in a gate. THE OPPORTUNITIES WILL NOT BE HERE ANYMORE. As the opportunities dwindle, security companies can and will be extremely choosy about who they employ and the current rate of pay will disappear. Since I have put this in print, it should be interesting to see how prescient I was next winter.

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