Thursday, December 25, 2014

Were You Listening? Are you Listening?

What a tangled web we weave; at least I think that's how it goes. Recent police shootings, in predominantly black communities, have galvanized folks who allege that the shootings are racially motivated.  This despite our judicial system exonerating the officers involved and the fact that the victims all had criminal records and/or were involved in criminal activities. Ill informed citizens combined with a vigilante mentality fueled by what has now proven to be outside agitators were a recipe for riot(s) and mayhem. Sometime back I posted a blog alleging that Al Qaeda and their ilk might eventually penetrate our borders, especially the Southern one. What I forgot to mention is that the internet and fundamentalism do not know or respect borders. It now has come to light that ISIS agents and its followers were intermixed with the rioting mobs. Now we have had two NYPD officers assassinated by a lunatic and fundamentalism has again reared its ugly head.
There has been a widespread ad on national television where celebrities appear to struggle with how to speak out about the issue of spousal violence and rape. We have the same problem when it comes to race and ethnicity. We just can't seem to get the conversation started. Activists like Al Sharpton and others are not helping in this regard and the news media; hopefully legitimately in search of a story, perpetuates it.
There are all kinds of ideas in the mix. Reporting standards and their sources are going to be changed. The very essence of how we police appears to be heading for an epiphany and dramatic change. None of this changes the systemic problem of a lack of morals, education and ethics by our citizens. You can stir in all kinds of outside factors, but that fact remains at the heart of the problem. Without respect for authority and each other this cycle will not end. I submit it all starts in the home.

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