Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 2014 Markies

The 2014 Markies
The Why Can't We Get Along award goes to the folks in Ferguson, MO.

The Dumbass award goes to whomever led or participated in the destruction and burning of cars and businesses in Ferguson. I'm not sure why their ire was directed that way??

The Indecisiveness award goes to Roger Goodell and NFL management.

The You Can No Longer Get Away with Anything in a College Town award goes to the Tallahassee police department. Surely an accounting was in order.

The Shame on You award goes to the Greek society that makes up the fraternities in our collegiate system.

Along those lines the You Shouldn't go to a Party Dressed Like and Acting Like A Tramp award goes to those coeds foolish enough to go to a frat party where alcohol is served. (I wrote this before the latest independent investigations have the co ed's story falling apart)

The Lying Without Compunction award goes to Vladimir Putin.

The How Not to Win Like a Gentleman award goes to both of the leaders of the House and Senate.

The Hot Air award goes to President Obama.

The How Not to Lose Like a Gentleman award goes to President Obama.

For the second year in a row the Missed Opportunity award goes to the Republican Party.

The "Oh Shit" award goes to Virgin Galactic - a sad testimonial to the fact that even the best make mistakes.

There was a tie in the Perseverance Award between Virgin Galactic and the searchers for Malaysian Air flight 370.

The 113th Congress is eligible for every award imaginable; but the one that stands out has to be the Colossal Waste of Money award for continually bringing up impassable legislation.

The Portend of Things to Come award goes to the Islamic Caliphate (you may know it as ISIS).

The Depravity award was closely contended. I awarded it to the Mayor, his wife and, (at least) the police Chief of Iguala, Mexico, They were instrumental in the kidnappings and deaths of dozens of students. The Mayor was reportedly concerned that the students might have demonstrated at a speech his wife was to give. (I can't make this stuff up folks!)

The No Surprise There award goes to the aforementioned city officials. They are on the lam and a subsequent investigation has proven they were using their positions to run a criminal enterprise and that they were involved with (wait for it) the cartels.

The close contenders in the Depravity award were members of a terror group called Boko Haram. They abducted at least two hundred Nigerian girls and young women. Supposedly they have converted to Islam and have been sold off.

Unless I'm mistaken; and that will make me happy, Americans in general should receive the Ignorance is Bliss award. Somehow no one seems very upset about all the aforementioned depravity.

The Not Once But Twice award goes to whoever was driving the 2015 Corvette prototypes. Somehow both the coupe and convertible were involved in accidents.

And finally, here's a nod to the troubled soul that was Robin Williams. For once we can universally agree that he brought joy and happiness to us all.


  1. Awesome as always Mark!! I will make a statement about the coeds and the Frat houses. While a girl should use common sense when going to one of these places, fist, they are usually SANTIONED parties approved by the University, and second you made no mention of the horrendous, vial, predatory behavior of the males that are raping and drugging said girls, and the Faculty that allows it to continue. Other than that, awesomeness!!

  2. I read all the comments y'all submit and rarely comment on them. Funny that the coed comment was the one I agonized about. Let me say that I put my daughter and helped my niece through college (within the last 10 years). I also talked directly to several coeds before publishing this blog entry. Their view point would surprise you and perhaps give you a new perspective. It should be obvious that I do not condone rape or any sexual act forced on another. If there are vial, predatory males out there they should be exposed and punished. Time after time coeds have told me that ignorant, basically high school aged young women find themselves embarrassed and/or in trouble and turn an evening of shared debauchery into something it truly wasn't.