Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Shortage of Gate Guards?

Don't look now; but summer is upon us. One of the things that that has traditionally meant; along with the heat, is a shortage of guards. Most winter Texans have headed North or are planning on leaving soon. One of the things I was looking for; after the fall of oil prices and over abundance of guards last winter, was whether we would see the traditional shortage of guards come summer. It appears that we indeed need guards to fill openings throughout South Texas! Now, if we could just stem the flow of candidates coming south around Labor day. While I believe it won't make a lot of people happy, oil seems to have leveled off at around $60 a barrel. Companies are adjusting, the glut has subsided and demand is rising. There are those that think $100 a barrel is in the realm of possibility. I disagree, but remain hopeful. It may do those that avoid the heat to reconsider and try summer gate guarding anyway. Use the money to hunker down in the winter where the weather is somewhat moderate.

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