Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Although it's a longshot, hurricanes can and do make it into the Gulf of Mexico and affect Texas cities and towns. While we haven't had a hurricane yet, we have had more than its equal in rain, hail and tornados. Jimmy Buffet wrote a song about how a lot of Floridians (and others) deal with it; hence the title of this posting. The only thing I might directly attribute to climate change is the wild swings and duration of some weather phenomenon. Even then, I feel a lot of what we are experiencing is cyclical in nature. I think it might do everyone more than a little good to look back over an extended period of time when trying to reconcile the weather we are currently experiencing. Droughts have come and gone, monsoons used to be a seasonal occurrence in the desert southwest and hurricanes come and go; both in severity and quantity. And that's just to mention a little of the wild things weather and mother nature can throw at us. Even now, the phenomenon known as El Nino is building in the Pacific and promises to wet the parched western United States. Why stricter water conservation measures haven't been imposed remains a mystery to me; but that's a different story. I vividly remember traveling through the south, not too long ago, and thinking the lakes and rivers might never recover from a multi year drought. Spring in the Midwest has traditionally meant rain and wild weather. Mother nature just hasn't seen fit to share that with Texas the last few years; especially south Texas. When that power greater than us all decides to turn on the tap, I'm not convinced it realizes the full power it can unleash. In it's effort to refill our reservoirs and right what's meteorologically wrong, it can sometimes sadly cause untold death and destruction. Fortunately, people are resilient, and they will prevail. I try to remember that as we prepare for another facet of the recent rains; the flooding that will come as water flows downstream and looks for a place to go. We are about a half mile as the crow flies from the nearest river and have been told to prepare to evacuate. We are not panicking and even using the opportunity to clean up and organize our "stuff". We have had guards forced to evacuate already, some reportedly having to abandon their RV's. So, in an abundance of caution (and to obey and pay heed to our exploration company's wishes) we have and are prepared to go. The latest weather predictions seem to bode well; so I don't think we'll be taking advantage of having a home on wheels.

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