Thursday, August 6, 2015

Buying Some Time

We were only a couple of payments away from paying off our last 5th wheel when we found our current toyhauler. We needed more room and a 5th wheel with a garage seemed the perfect answer. I'm not getting any younger and I had hoped this would be my last RV purchase. As it turns out there is a lot more work needed than I'm willing to do, so we're on the hunt for yet another home; hopefully my last. We were able to get the dealership to repair some things, but the leaky living and kitchen slideouts (and a few other things) were left for us to repair.
That sent me off on one of my searches. As my dear readers know, I can get a bit anal when it comes to my projects. I am a big believer that well over half the battle is complete and through preparation. I had read where RV'rs had used Kool Seal on their roofs. It not only helped seal them, it also provided a reflective barrier from the sun. However, further investigation revealed that Kool Seal for rubber roofs is difficult to find and; more importantly, required an expensive primer before applying. EPDM seemed to fit the bill, but I could not find it locally. Finally, we went to Texas RV Supply and they recommended Plas T Cote. It is latex based, which means easy cleanup with water. It requires no primer and the surface just needs to be thoroughly cleaned before applying. We bought 2 cheap brushes and a 6" roller. The job only took as long as it did because of the heat. Otherwise it goes quickly. Here's some pics of the product and a slideout that we did. If you don't want to go through the expense of replacing a worn roof or simply want to extend the life of it, this is the way to go.


  1. i like how your blog looks.out with old,in with the new.

  2. Hey, great job with the new look for the blog! Hope your hunt for a new home is a short one.

  3. Like the new format on the blog, and the new pics!!! Let me know if I can help with anything with the hunt! Good luck!!