Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting the most from your security License

Some of my dear readers know we are on vacation. Yet, here I am, sweating in 90 degree plus heat, on yet another gate. I've only made myself available to one company, J&G, during our down time. Our boss has always been there for us and has been more than fair. So, if I'm in the area, he knows he can use me. Their is also other work available, if I choose to do it. Missy and I have both worked a gate during our time off. The way we look at it, our space at the RV park is now covered. I am not going to get into the rules and legal mumbo jumbo when it comes to working for other companies. You do need to be registered with DPS to legally work for a company. There is also a fee involved. You should also verify what company rules you have to follow. Some won't let folks that don't work for them to act as relief(s), for example. As I have said in previous entries, just because you're a contractor doesn't excuse you from adhering to general etiquette. When you part ways and move on from a company, don't burn your bridges. See where this is going? It is always nice to have a source of income available, so don't tick people off. We are fortunate to have several companies wanting to use our services. If the traffic at the gate we're on allows it, we try to do it. Their are downsides in relief work, especially 12 hour gates where you work out of your vehicle. However, if you can squeeze in the time, the rewards can be great.

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