Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, New Challenges

We were released about a week into the New Year. We had suffered a blowout on the 5ver heading to the gate, so we were aprehensive about coming off the gate. I made sure all the tires were inflated to the correct pressure and that, combined with the cool weather, led me to believe we would be okay. Six miles outside of Jourdanton, about halfway to the RV park where we planned to rest, one of the tires blew out. I was following Missy in our car and it sounded like a cannon shot while debris rained down on me. Fortune was on our side as we had a fellow gate guard that was nearby loan us a spare. (Our spare was used for the first blowout) We finally arrived at the RV park tired and frustrated; then the front jack motor wouldn't work. We couldn't disconnect from the truck till we got the jacks at least planted. That left the cramped space between the truck and trailer to troubleshoot the problem. After manually planting the jacks our friendly RV repairman helped us locate and fix a loose ground. Such is the life of the fulltimer and it does no good to whine about it. Things have to look up and we still have a few days to relax before returning to work.b


  1. Oh, goodness. Glad you're okay. I hope you don't have any cracked rims. We've had those, but flat tires were the worst we had from the cracked rims. Do you have G-rated tires?

  2. Funny you should ask; we just bought G rated tires all around. Money we didn't need to spend, but a necessity.