Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chow Time

One of the things we were told when we took on this job of gate guarding was that we could count on getting the feed bag on once a month or so. Supposedly someone was going to come out here in the middle of nowhere and cook us a meal. As my faithful readers know we are truly in BFE (you figure that one out) parked in a cow pasture. In fact, one of them came sauntering by yesterday morning and strolled past the rig, stopping under a shade tree for some cud. Whatever they're paying me, I'm not wrangling cattle, so I let him mosey on his way. But; I digress. Back to chow time. Someone did indeed show up at my gate this morning towing a catering wagon. He asked me how many of us were working the gate and went on in. I'm not cynical or pessimistic most of the time, but I did wonder if we would really get fed. And would it be whatever they could scrounge up when they had fed all these hungry workers?? Well, when the caterer left he stopped at the gate and handed me two Styrofoam takeout boxes. One at a time, which I found out was because of their weight. I woke ole Missymoo and lo and behold we opened the boxes to find a feast. We each had a half dozen shrimp, and close to a pound of fresh fried catfish. Plus sides!! Yummy! Now I can add to my lexicon-I'm getting paid while I sit here watching television, surfing the web and eating FREE catered food. Dust, wind and lack of rain not withstanding-life is good.

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