Saturday, March 31, 2012

It'll be ready when?

We live in a topsy turvy world where accepted rules and practices don't seem to apply anymore. Some blame it on a global economy and the "shrinking globe". Even with the economy in the proverbial toilet I continue to have difficulty finding great customer service. This puzzles me as one would assume with "main street" under siege providers of goods and services would go the extra mile to attract and keep customers. Now I am not the picture of perfection, but I do place enormous value in keeping my word. Say what you mean-mean what you say are the words I was taught. Your word used to be your bond. The reason for this rant is the experiences I have recently had trying to get some things repaired or performed. It is appalling to me that some folks just cavalierly toss around dates of completion with no intention of it ever happening. What happened?!? I mean I don't even get phone calls or e-mails advising me of a change in status, much less an occasional update. And then when I "call out" the offender it somehow gets turned around. I'm impatient, I'm rushing them, I've already done "this and that" and I'll complete it soon, etc. Just some for instances for you. I have waited almost three weeks on an air conditioning repairman. The only updates I get is when he reaches out for us. He doesn't respond to my e-mails and calls. I have a Jeep that had been in the shop for over a month before I finally drove it home. The mechanic used to be pretty good about about communicating-not so much anymore. He's another one that likes to toss around completion dates which never seem to happen. And he's all upset that I seemingly don't appreciate all the work he has done so far. Bizarre. I have a guy that is reupholstering some things for me in the motor home. He hasn't met one promised completion date yet. About a week ago I spoke to an RV technician about having some things done on the motor home. He said he had a job at a nearby RV the next day and would try to drop by afterwards. Failing that he and his techs would be by the following day. You guessed it-I haven't heard from him. To be fair the air conditioning guy was involved in an accident, the mechanics son suffered an ankle injury and the upholsterer's wife is ill. I don't have a clue about the RV tech. Now I'm not some sort of hard ass, but you'd think they could at least call and update me. Am I the only one noticing this stuff? Can someone at least keep me updated and complete a job in a timely fashion? Am I asking too much?

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