Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Wondering

Am I one of the few beating the drum out here? How does one who feels fervently about a cause get the opportunity to utilize the soapboxes the PTB (powers to be) seem to always have at their disposal. As I have railed about ad nauseam, this joke of an election continues to lurch onward. Romney out spent his opponents by a multiple of five in order to bulldoze his way to a victory in Illinois. Yet they had the lowest turnout in decades on election day. In previous posts I have lamented the fact that our founders unknowingly placed us in this predicament. As much as I love this country, it is obvious that it is broke or stressed in a multitude of ways. The founders never envisioned that the country (and populace) would expand much beyond the original thirteen colonies. It was not until Jefferson that our manifest destiny began to emerge. So we are stuck with an obsolete electoral college and House staffed based on population. We are also stuck with many fail safes that thwart any opportunity to amend the process, Given Congress's inability to act now, can you imagine putting together a super majority and then getting some sort of legislation out to the electorate for them to act upon? The House of Representatives, oddly enough, represents our current state of affairs in many ways. It is bloated and misguided, rarely reflecting the will of the people, and incapable of setting policy that benefits us all. As much as I agonize over our current state of affairs, I can only imagine how previous generations must feel. What is most frustrating is that it seems as if most folks seem resigned to accept our collective fate. I apologize for again beating the drum. However: the national debt continues to spiral out of control, inflation has taken hold (have you bought groceries lately), fuel costs have soared to record heights, our infrastructure is failing around us...-do I need to go on? Our President continues to alienate those he is supposed to serve. I applaud efforts to find alternative energy sources and establishing "green" policies and ideals. Unfortunately, most of this technology is still in its infancy and years from practical, cost effective implementation. Yet the current administration seems determined to chase it, with seemingly no concerted, organized effort behind it. Trillions of dollars that we can ill afford to spend has been thrown at failed efforts to create and utilize alternative energy sources. All that might be acceptable, even lauded, were it not for the Presidents continued assault on our current sources of  energy. Owners of stocks in coal and gas have watched helplessly as their "dirty" fuels are assailed by our current administration. And yet we seem unable to rise above prejudice and an inability to control our borders. Communication has never been more readily available and yet we seem unable to unite as one to implement change that is so desperately needed. All this is, of course, is one man's opinion. It's odd, though, how it seems to resonate with so many of my dear readers.


  1. Are you still on a gate near Gillett and if so, where is it? Coordinates? We will be moving to a gate near Gillette soon to replace a winter Texan heading home. Could that be you?

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