Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Gate and Things in my Head

Tonight I couldn't get "Jail Break" by Thin Lizzy out of my brain's MP3 player. I almost would rather have ringing in my ears. I recently posted about the weather, especially the wind. Well I think "Mother Nature" is paying me back. I can take a little wind, but we have had gusts in the 40 mph plus range for days now. We're getting just about a taste of everything that torments gate guards. The wind is finally going to die down, but not before temperatures crash and we get a deluge over the weekend. We won't get out of the 50's all weekend long. We gate guards "love" the rain and the cold. ( -: It means we go from dust to mud. Additionally we are in a spot where our phone service is spotty and the old Wilson amp ain't doing the job. So when you want to know what makes the job tough-it's not the responsibilities of gate guarding. If you're not the independent type and don't like working outdoors in the middle of nowhere, this is not your cup of tea. There's no getting around it and; as my friend Andy says, there should be no whining.
BTW-we have moved from Karnes City to Coy City off of 99.

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