Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday

From my vantage point, there did not seem to be much excitement about Super Tuesday. Either the Republicans are a quiet bunch, or I'm missing something. Obama seems quietly assured of himself and his reelection. I'll not comment on his policies, but we surely can't afford to reelect him-unless the United States suddenly wins the lottery. Reports have Romney outspending his opponents with obscene amounts of money. And yet he still seems unable to achieve a knock out blow to his opponents. By the way; what's all that about anyway? Statisticians say that Santorum and Gingrich (forget Paul) have no mathematical chance of catching him yet they still remain defiant and on the campaign trail. IMHO without a viable third party and the eradication of money from politics Americans will continue to feel resigned to their fate. Kind of seems un-American, doesn't it? 

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