Sunday, October 7, 2012

Almost 60 Degrees

Despite the San Antonio television stations saying otherwise, we suffered through 110 degree (or even hotter) days this summer. I also had several occasions where fellow gate guards confirmed this, having observed thermometers way above 100 degrees. Of course we were 80 to 100 miles south of town, so that made it hotter than the forecasted highs. Laredo weather is what the locals called it.  We are resting in an RV park near Van Ormy, just south of San Antonio, and temps are in the very low 50's this morning. Almost a 60 degree swing from our summer highs. I fired off the heat pumps this morning, mostly to make sure everything was hunky dory. They worked fine. Now is the time to make sure whatever form of heating you have operates and functions properly. Now is really not the time to buy a heater, but do it if you need one.  Unlike air conditioning, an RV doesn't require a huge heater (unless you're camping in below freezing temps).Our heat pumps are perfect for South Texas temperatures. The propane sucking furnace rarely fires off down here. Unfortunately everything from propane to kerosene (even firewood) is going to be pricey from hereon. While we rarely bundle up down here, it is important to pack clothing for lows in the 30-40 degree range. You don't want to be on a gate and not have a sweatshirt, jacket or coat handy. Most of the time we are comfy in sweatsuits. The cool down has been; and is, coming, so be prepared. This is also a great time to be working a gate, especially after last summer!

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  1. By chance are you @ "Hidden Valley" campground?
    We were there a few nights ago.
    We are waiting on a gate in Carrizo Springs for now.