Friday, October 5, 2012

Can't Hide This

I have a hard enough time accepting the status quo when it comes to politics these days. Every newscast and almost every broadcaster has his or her opinion. Polls seem to slant whichever direction suits the organization conducting them. Have you ever met someone who was polled? Point being, almost every poll I've seen of late has shown Romney trailing Obama. I've written about this before; but every once in awhile they publish a poll showing them tied or within the margin of error. I tried to watch the recent debate, but my interest waned towards the end. What I saw was solidly in Romney's favor. Apparently the newscasts and broadcasters could not put a negative spin on Romney's overwhelming victory. I guess we'll now be assailed with polls asking inane questions. Like; which candidate dressed better, who looked more presidential  who looked and acted more nervous...should I go on? Let's not forget Big Bird!

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