Friday, October 5, 2012


I'll probably be earmarked for some sort of police harassment if they get wind of who wrote this. But, curiosity has me wondering about some recent incidents in San Antonio and Houston. These are descriptions, not necessarily accurate, and just a recounting of the events as I remember them. Recently the news reported an on duty undercover officer shot and killed a "friend"s former boyfriend. She called him saying she was afraid her former boyfriend was going to harm her. The undercover officer picked her up (in an unmarked police truck) at work and took her home. Her former boyfriend was waiting in her apartment parking lot and fired several shots at them, wounding her. A pursuit then ensued with the suspect chasing the fleeing cop and then the cop chasing the ex boyfriend. Why he didn't head to the hospital or get some backup we'll never know. Anyway they ended up in front of the ex boyfriends house and a good old fashioned shootout occurred. The ex boyfriend was shot and killed. In Houston recently, a disabled man was shot in his wheelchair after he threatened and menaced a cop. It turns out he was only "armed" with an ink pen. After the initial reports, I have heard nothing further on the news. Are these guys still employed? If so, were they punished? We entertain ourselves with the local news from San Antonio. We call it getting our daily body count. This place is like the wild wild west and some of the stuff that happens is surreal.

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